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The display team at JIMBU are passionate about visual advertising and the scope in which a brand can promote itself. Our supply chain partnerships allow us to continually develop groundbreaking product ranges for both indoor and outdoor applications. The product range includes gazebos, flags, banners, dye sublimation printing and large format printing. Our ability to customise our range as well as tailor-make marketing material to suit customer needs is what defines us as a flexible one-stop shop.

Banner Walls2
Banner Walls
Curved Banner Walls 1024x1024 1
Curved Banner Walls
Parasols 1024x1024 1
Aluminium Umbrella 1024x1024 1
Aluminium Umbrellas
Steel Umbrellas 1024x1024 1
Steel Umbrellas
Beach Umbrellas
Beach Umbrellas
Gazebos 1024x1024 1
Horseshoe Banner 1024x1024 1
Horseshoe Banners
Popup Banners 1024x1024 1
Popup Banners
Tower Tobblo 1024x1024 1
Tower Tobblos
Cylinder Banner 1024x1024 1
Cylinder Banner
Telescopic Banners 1024x1024 1
Harp Banners 1024x1024 1
Harp Banners
Dolphin Flag 1024x1024 1
Dolphin Flags
Multiview 1024x1024 1
Multiview Flags
Champion Flag 1024x1024 1
Champion Flags
lrg 1024x1024 1
Pullup Banners
S Banner 1024x1024 1
XFrame 1024x1024 1
X-Frame Banners
EZ Display
EZ Displays
Quickstand 1024x1024 1
Desk Mini Pullup Banner
Desk Mini Pullups
Eclipse Hanging Banner
Eclipse Hanging Banners
Fabric Frames Free Standing 1024x1024 1
Fabric Frames Free Standing Deluxe
Fabric Frames 1024x1024 1
Fabric Frames Wall Mounted
Lightbox 1024x1024 1
Indoor Light Box
Custom Banner 1024x1024 1
Custom Banner
Fabric Displays 1024x1024 1
Fabric Displays
Block Mounts 1024x1024 1
Block Mounts
A Frame 1024x1024 1
A-Frame Banners
Directors Chair 1024x1024 1
Directors Chairs
Stretched Tablecloth 1024x1024 1
Stretch Table Cloth
PVC Tablecloth 1024x1024 1
PVC Tablecloths
Promo Table
Promo Tables
Kiosk 1024x1024 1
Flags 2 1024x1024 1
Bunting 1024x1024 1
Hardware 1024x1024 1
Fence Branding 1024x1024 1
Fence Branding
Fence Wrap 1024x1024 1
Fence Wraps
PVC Banner
PVC Banners
Windsocks 1024x1024 1
Cafe Shade
Cafe Shade
Brandshade 1024x1024 1
Brandshade Single
Brandshade Twin 1024x1024 1
Brandshade Twin
Brandshade Trebble 1 1024x1024 1
Brandshade Trebble
Bin Branding 1024x1024 1
Event Bins
Speed Bar 1024x1024 1
Speed Bars
Street Pole Banner 1024x1024 1
Street Pole Banners
Tower Branding 1024x1024 1
Tower Branding
Supporters Chair
Supporters Chair
Beach Chair 1024x1024 1
Deck Chair
Giant Beach Chair
Giant Beach Chairs
Floor Vinyls 1024x1024 1
Floor Vinyls
Ottomans 1024x1024 1
Foam Ottomans
Bar Mats 1024x1024 1
Bar Mats
Promotional Mats 1024x1024 1
Promotional Carpets
Beanbags 1024x1024 1
Bean Bags
Inflatable Brand Bottles 1024x1024 1
Inflatable Bottles
Inflatable Brand Discs 1024x1024 1
Inflatable Brand Discs
Custom Inflatables 1024x1024 1
Custom Inflatables
Inflatable Goals 1024x1024 1
Inflatable Goals
Inflatable Brand Arch 1024x1024 1
Inflatable Branded Arch

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