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who we support

The Baby Home

One of the biggest issues we face in South Africa is that of our country’s many vulnerable children. The Baby Home is a fully registered Place of Safety that cares for abandoned or orphaned babies and babies given up for adoption.

We nurture each of our babies individually, providing them with the love and care that every child deserves. We do this until a permanent solution is found for each child. The Durban North Baby Home cares for babies and toddlers between the age of 0 and 4, and little ones with special needs.

The Baby Home is a project of The Peace Agency which is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation.

Reach for a Dream

Reach For A Dream seeks to alleviate the strain that life-threatening illnesses place on sick children and their families by providing these dreamers with the opportunity to believe in their greatest wish.

The Foundation has been providing dreams to children all around the country for 35 years. These young children are under extreme pressure to deal with these medical issues and are in desperate need of encouragement.

In addition, Reach For A Dream offers the child a magical moment to regain their childhood that is being lost to an illness.

The Goodmen Foundation

The organization seeks to enhance the active participation of men in the fight against the scourge of abusing women and children in South Africa and beyond. Since the perpetrators of GBV against women and girls are men, the Good Men Foundation aims to challenge them to take decisive action in the fight against the
malaise in South Africa.

Full Tummy Fund

The Spur Foundation is the vehicle used to invest in educational development and nutritional programmes. Investing in early childhood development is known to be one of the most effective means of eradicating poverty.

It is for this reason our developmental focus remains strongly on the first 2 000 days, with particular emphasis on early childhood development and nutrition for children from disadvantaged communities up to the age of six. We know that you can’t teach a hungry child, and during these first, formative years, the essential building blocks for brain and body development are laid.

Rise Against Hunger

With a mission to alleviate hunger, early childhood development centers in South Africa are improving access to quality education and nutritious meals for children ages 0-6.