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Spur Corporation


Spur Corporation is a global brand with 600+ restaurants and 15,000 employees worldwide since 1967. They offer a relaxed dining experience in family-friendly restaurants like Spur Steak Ranches, Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s Fish Grill Sushi, The Hussar Grill, Casa Bella, and Nikos Coalgrill Greek. They also have fast food and fast casual chains like RocoMamas, RocoGo, Panarottis Express, and Spur Grill & Go, catering to a wide range of tastes.

the challenge

As with all global brands, the challenge is to ensure uniformity of quality and customer experience across all outlets while catering for the specific cultural and taste differences found in different locales. With over 600 outlets and over 15 000 employees worldwide, the challenge was to supply promotional range apparel and merchandise which is uniform, durable, comfortable, budget-sensitive, scalable, on brand and risk-free in terms of stock holding liabilities.

the solution

uniform & promotional range

The first step was to design and develop a uniform and promotional range capable of being integrated with the old uniform stock to allow the latter to be phased out over time. Understanding that the uniform range needs to be durable, on-brand and budget friendly, we designed a range with local manufacturers and production houses to create a high quality and comfortable range tailored to the specific needs of the front and back of house teams.

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online stores

Our online stores provided the perfect solution as it:

  • serves as a central buying platform for each of the 600+ stores.
  • allows each store to purchase their uniforms, merchandise, promotional products, display items as well as various restaurant-related items such as table talkers, table numbers and crockery online.
  • ensures relatively fast delivery turnaround times from our supply chain providers – manufacture, consolidate and distribute all orders within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • removes the need to bulk purchase inventory upfront and avoids the consequent assumption of liability for unsold stock.
  • Includes free delivery, free branding with no MOQ in the unit price!

Our online stores provided the perfect solution as it serves as a central buying platform for each of the 600+ stores.

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the result

We do not hold any stock and accordingly, there is no risk of liability in regard to the uniform procurement programme. In addition, new products can be trialled without the risk of stock overcapitalisation. Themed campaigns such as Valentines, World Cups, Heritage days etc. which have limited edition products can now be catered for without the risk of obsolete stock. The online store provides consistency in product procurement across each respective brand and Head Office now has the data to understand which products are best sellers, who are purchasing what and what products they should look to introduce.

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