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Certain items are produced over 10 000km’s away! Sometimes, our customers need them urgently. We do what it takes!

Inverroche has built a leading and respected gin brand in South Africa since its inception in 2011. Inverroche produces three distinct gins, crafted using only a handful of the more than 9000 Fynbos botanicals. Today, Inverroche is selling these craft gins in 15 countries globally.

The brand has been carefully considered ensuring that the product offering, together with their Stilbaai distillery and proudly South African roots, translates into a crafted brand that speaks to these pillars. Inverroche is uniquely beautiful.

the challenge

Every year, the Summer season brings thousands of visitors to Stilbaai, and particularly to Inverroche, to visit their pioneering craft distillery. The tourism industry in South Africa picks up in December and for Inverroche, the 2019 season was no different. Like previous years, the brand and procurement team contacted JIMBU to supply branded merchandise and barware which would satisfy the influx of visitors. Included in the barware, was a request to supply copper items such as cocktail shakers, bar spoons, and jiggers.

The challenge was that there was a shortage for these items in South Africa and they would need to be imported – this resulted in the second challenge; time! The Inverroche brand has been so carefully crafted that it deserves the most premium merchandise and barware – we had no intention of disappointing!

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the solution

There was one solution to this challenge. It was required that within 2 weeks, JIMBU would travel over 10 000km’s to China, work directly with our steel factory to produce the copper barware. Once complete, the barware would then be delivered to a branding factory that would screenprint, and then oven-dry the items, before physically packing them into our personal luggage to fly them back to South Africa. There were a number of reasons why we took this approach. First of all, we believed that working in the factory would provide the control necessary to create a sense of urgency. We rented a van to transport the products from the factory to the branding factory. This meant that we could save time so that when the products were ready to get branded, we could immediately take them. During the branding process, we quality controlled each item to ensure that there were no rejects. Finally, the decision to pack the order into our personal luggage was to negate the risk of any delays from 3rd party shipping agents.

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the result

Copper cocktail shakers, bar spoons, and jiggers, as well as branded merchandise, was timeously supplied to satisfy Inverroche’s seasonal influx of visitors.

What happens behind the scenes sometimes goes unnoticed. As long as there is a possibility that we can successfully fulfil the request, we will go for it. It has been an honour to work with Inverroche and we are really proud of the products that we have supplied them.

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